Mediation & Facilitation Services

My mediation and facilitation services are not confined to the traditional one day mediation held in the context of third party proceedings (eg court or arbitration).

The opportunities for negotiated outcomes are much wider than that.  Mediation is only one of the approaches available to the parties in dispute (or potential dispute) when they are considering private resolution options.

The options all involve negotiated outcomes, with or without a neutral assistant (facilitator).

Facilitation is negotiation with the assistance of a neutral facilitator.  While the presence of a facilitator may alter the dynamics of the process, it is and remains a negotiation process, engaged in by the parties in the hope and expectation of arriving at a satisfactory and durable outcome.  The facilitator provides the process and the parties are responsible for the outcome.

My mediation and facilitation services include:

  1. Acting as mediator in traditional one-day mediations.  I am happy to travel nationally and internationally to provide this service.
  2. Facilitating problems or disputes which have not yet or may not become legal disputes involving formal court proceedings or similar (eg. arbitration proceedings). Examples are disputes at board level, shareholder disputes, any other forms of blockage in a business or relationship which are causing friction or costing time, money or attention.  This is an extremely broad area so clients are encouraged to discuss how facilitation or mediation services may be of assistance with their problem or dispute.  The structure of a mediation or facilitation that occurs early in the life of a dispute or problem is quite different from how traditional one-day mediations are run.
  3. Assisting parties to avoid problems or issues becoming disputes in the first instance.
  4. Working as a negotiation coach or negotiation strategist – assisting the parties (or a party) and their advisors on how to prepare for and get the most out of any negotiations.