Paul has successfully completed the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation – Advanced Mediation Workshop: Mediating Complex Disputes.

The Advance Mediation Workshop, specifically designed for professionals with prior mediation training and experience, is well suited for those who wish to take their mediation practice to a master level.

The learning objectives of the course are:

  • Explore the role of counsel and learn how to manage differing interests within the lawyer-client relationship and when lawyers engage in mediation sessions;
  • Assess the risks and opportunities of facilitative versus evaluative mediation styles;
  • Examine the emotional dimensions of mediation for the parties, counsel, and mediators;
  • Manage the complexities of distributive bargaining situations;
  • Develop strategies for multiparty disputes by examining cases from public and corporate sectors;
  • Learn to identify power inequities among stakeholders and deal with back-table agendas and coalitions;
  • Increase your ability to manage complex technical issues across multiple parties;
  • Acquire techniques and hands-on experience for dealing with future contingencies;
  • Analyse and evaluate your own practice foundations;
  • Sharpen your mediation skills with in-depth, real-time feedback from master practitioners.

Paul Sills joins Arbitra International

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