Comment from solicitor on completion of early stage mediation: “The client has (spontaneously) passed on their thanks and enthusiasm for your process.”

Confidential, Solicitor

I had a 50% partner in a civil construction business that had been going for about 6 years. After we decided it was in each other’s best interest to part ways, we struggled for nearly a year to reach agreement on how to settle the share transfer and pay-out. It was a very draining process.

Paul came in and had the deal done within one month, which was in line with the expectation he had given us. At times it did not seem that it would be completed in this time frame, but Paul did everything necessary to get it concluded in a timely manner. I was very grateful.

Throughout the mediation process between my business partner and me, Paul ensured the process was always focused on topics that would resolve our dispute without straying from a fair and unbiased viewpoint. Paul always made himself available for discussions, and communicated information as it came to hand, which in turn lead to a smooth and open process.

My options were explained and discussed clearly, allowing me to fully understand the options and implications of the situation. Being in a situation such as this was all very new to me and Paul shared his professional opinion and advice which clarified my direction throughout the dispute.

Thanks Paul.

Brandon Hands, Sureway Civil Limited - Director

I am involved as a shareholder in a start-up company. The shareholders have been engaged in a protracted debate/dispute over all manner of issues from intellectual property through to sales and marketing.

The dispute between the shareholders quickly escalated and our attention on the company fell away at the same rate to the point where the business stalled with no decisions or sales being made.

The shareholders got to the point where they could not hold a discussion amongst themselves and had no hope of making progress.

We engaged with Paul as a facilitator to try and bridge the ever increasing gap between the shareholders. He succeeded in getting us all in one room and focused on the issues and decisions that needed to be made regarding the future of the company.

His patience in getting us all around the table was appreciated. Likewise his commercial acumen and experience was vital in facilitating the discussion around the table between the shareholders. Paul not only got us talking for the first time in months, he also led a very productive discussion that has allowed the shareholders to make decisions for the future without focusing on the issues that led them into dispute.

No progress would have been made without both Paul’s intervention as a mediator and his extensive business experience and acumen.

Graham Brewster, Procreate - Director
[Paul was] a skilful and committed mediator, often far exceeding my expectations as to the speed and depth of involvement a professional would/might make. [He] displayed on several occasions the perfect balance between patient insightful nursing of the issues and egos involved, and (when required) down-to-earth prodding to continue making progress. The issues were clearly identified, and as we “parked” each issue I felt a real sense of achievement building. It was a very tangible and rewarding experience.